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Russia, 198510, St. Petersburg, Peterhof, St. Petersburg Prospekt, 34

Duck & Drake

Duck & Dake - without fanfare is one of the best restaurants in Peterhof. We are proud of our verified menu from the star chef Nikolay Akulichev. Our special duck in different variations of dishes will not leave indifferent.

In addition to the main menu, every season we offer (invent) new dishes that are relevant to the current season. Also, our guests have a unique opportunity to try one our specialties: duck, salmon or kulebyaka from the carving station. Distinctive feature of this serving option is that a freshly prepared dish is cut in front of the guests, and everyone can try the favorite piece. The food at such a station does not cool down due to infrared lamps and remains warm for a long time, just like out of the oven.

Each Monday - Friday from 12:00 to 16:00 we serve exclusive business lunches collected according the restaurant's menu. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant is conducive to a pleasant pastime. During the time of important football matches you can enjoy the live broadcast and taste new sorts of beer out of our beer list which includes a unique collection of English, Belgian, German and Dutch ales, porters, stouts, screams and unfiltered beers, as well as exclusive craft beers from Russia and the USA. On Fridays and Saturdays, you might enjoy live music, concerts, culinary master classes for adults and children in our restaurant.

Also, you can taste your favorite food from our restaurant at home. Just make an order by calling the restaurant (812) 319-26-99. Your walk in the parks of Peterhof will become more pleasant with aromatic coffee or homemade lemonade, which we will be happy to make for you to take away.

If you are planning a wedding, banquet, anniversary or corporate party, we can offer to make it private for you and your guests.  We have a wide variety of ready-made banquet sets and ordering a group dinner.

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