Hospitable hotel opposite Peterhof Museum-Reserve
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Russia, 198510, St. Petersburg, Peterhof, St. Petersburg Prospekt, 34

Pillow Menu

Pillows with various filling materials:
  • Orthopedic (fmemory foam) (50х70) – filling material is high-elastic foam that can “save memories” of body contour, relieve pain and maintain a comfortable position during your sleep.
  • Bamboo (50х70) – natural bamboo fiber has increased antibacterial properties - more than 70% of bacteria getting on it, is eliminated.
  • Seaweed (50х70) – seaweed is rich in vitamins and mineral salts accelerating blood circulation, which helps to rejuvenate the face skin.
  • Buckweat (50х70) – natural buckwheat husk filling this pillow gives a massage effect to the head and neck during your sleep.
The cost of any pillow – RUB200.00 for the entire period of stay at the hotel.

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